Friday, December 5, 2008

What Trina needs...

I got this from my friend Jenny's blog and I thought it was really I decided to do it myself! And Jenny you are right! They made me laugh out loud!!! Great Post!

You just type in "what (your name) needs" in a google search. Here's mine:
  1. Trina needs prayer! (always)
  2. Trina Needs A Stylist (no joke! But I have one and she is great! Thanks Liz!)
  3. Trina needs a good home (I have one! But would like to own one!)
  4. Trina Needs To Put Out A F*** Flick (ok...I don't like this one...but I'm going in order)
  5. Trina needs to call the garbage collection company (hahaha...maybe after the party!)
  6. TRINA NEEDS TO SIT HER NON PROPER A** DOWN! (lol, sometimes!)
  7. Trina needs to try to get people to buy her album (too bad I cant sing! lol)
  8. Trina needs to look into alternative technologies that have higher barriers to entry for competition (wow..that's deep!) lol!
  9. Trina needs me because i'm in love with a stripper (LMAO!)
  10. Trina needs to grow up (I don't wanna grow up! lol!)

Ok..that's my list! lol! It doesn't help me that "Trina" is also the name of a female rapper...who is me! lol!!

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Kimmy said...

LOL!! Those are great!! Funny too :o) I just may do one myself......after work of course ;O)