Sunday, March 8, 2009


I haven't blogged in FOREVER!!! Time flies past me like crazy and the next thing you know...I haven't blogged in weeks!
Things have been busy here at the home front, Jake and I were both sick last week but starting to feel better now...Jake is being a typical 14 yr old boy..gettin trouble and being wonderful to try to make up for it! I love that kid! Jess is being a great 10 yr old girl...she is my heart!
The fam is good, just busy as ever! I got to spend a great day out yesterday with Denise and Val. We took our girls to Train Town in was so much fun! I will have the girls send me pics so I can post them up! (If I blog lol!)
Well, I'm gonna go wake up my sister who is passed out on the couch after our little outing last night! Have a great weekend everyone!