Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thaknksgiving Week!!

Well...Thanksgiving was good! I hope everyone else had good one's also! By the blogs I have read it seems so!
We did Thanksgiving at our house this year! Yay! It was nice! On Wednesday Jessica and I baked away in the kitchen! We made a pumpkin pie, a pumpkin crumb cake and a yummy cheese cake!! was the hit of Thanksgiving!!
On Thursday, Thanksgiving day, I got up around 7 or so and started in on the was fun. I researched online and got a few new recipes...and they turned out pretty good! Gram and Darrell came over. Also my Mother in Law and brother in law came over. Rob deep fried our turkey and I cooked all of the other stuff! It was a great day!
On Friday...well the plan was to go shopping, then not to go...and then at 5:23 am Friday morning I get a txt message from my little sister Mollie saying "I am wide awake!" I txt her and said "why?" and she responded that she felt like she was missing something because we ALWAYS shop on black Friday together...but we had decided to stay home! Long story short, she drove down that morning from Sacramento and we went shopping!! Yay!! It was fun! My Mother in law joined up with us and we all went out to breakfast and had a great morning!

Here's Ms. Mollie and I in Old Navy trying on hats at 7!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Yay for Jake!!!

Jake Made Honor Roll This Semester!!!

Its been awhile...

Sorry for the no blogs lately....Migraines suck!! After suffering a migraine all day on Friday I went to the Dr Friday night and that's pretty much all I remember until Sunday! I slept for over 36 hours, thanks to the drugs they gave me!
Still feelin poopy today, I worked half day and had to come home! Wah!
Hoping for a better day tomorrow!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Becasue I was tagged...and you will be too!!

Denise tagged me to do my list of fives...and here they are!!


  1. Go to BED...Its 3:42 am!!!
  2. Drink more water (thanks Denise for the reminder!)
  3. Set some goals...
  4. Get ready for Jakes 14th birthday!! (Ready to party everyone?)
  5. GO TO BED!!!


  1. Popcorn (salt and cracked pepper)
  2. Barbecue corn nuts (way bad! and bad for your teeth! I've seen so many broken teeth because of corn nuts!)
  3. Pumpkin seeds
  4. Jelly Belly's
  5. Chocolate!!!

(Wah...WW doesn't allow for a lot of my snacks..but I'm finding new ones!)


  2. Buy a new home with lots of land so I can have a dirt bike track there for my guys!
  3. Help out family and friends with bills and homes!
  4. Vacation...aaaaaallllloooottt!!
  5. Enjoy life, but not too much! lol!


  1. Richmond
  2. Vallejo
  3. San Diego
  4. Mare Island
  5. American Canyon


  1. Marine World
  2. Supercuts
  3. Chiropractor
  4. Dentists
  5. Wife and Mommy

FIVE PEOPLE I AM TAGGING (hmm...not sure I have five different ones than you Denise, But I will try!)

  1. Kelly, my great friend from way back in the day!!
  2. Jenny, my great friend from back in the day too!!
  3. Brandy, I know Denise already tagged her but I want her to do it!!
  4. Becky, Cuz she's my new bloggin friend =)
  5. and um...ok so just come one and do it!! Even if I didn't tag you!! It was fun...even at 4:01 am!!!

"Can I read your blog"...

Asks, Jessica Renee. "Well sure", I said since its mainly about family I thought it would be good for her to read it...I don't really see anything wrong with it?? She wanted to be able to leave me a comment so I showed her how to leave it under anonymous and just sign her name...and to be honest, I think her comments are the sweetest thing ever! lol!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

For My Hubby...

Thankful Tuesday! :)
Normally people have a Thankful Thursday but with so many other assignments to do during the week, Tuesday is usually the day that doesn't have much going on! Denise decided to change that and offer all of us a Thankful Tuesday!
So for this week's assignment...
Your topic is: Your husband/significant other. (If you don't have a husband or significant other, please write about another male figure in your life).So what you do is simple...

Post a new blog listing ten things (you can always do more!) that you are thankful for in regards to this week's topic!

1. I am thankful for my Husband Robert because we have been together for 19 years and he still loves me! He may not always like me, but he ALWAYS loves me!

2. I am thankful for the fact that he gave me two of the sweetest, most amazing and awesome kids ever!! Jessica Renee and Jacob Ryan are the reason we live everyday...they are proof of our love!

3. I am thankful that he is such a hard worker! This man goes into work at 5:30 am and works all day until 2 or so, then he picks up the kids at school and comes home and works in the garage or around the house! He likes to be busy! He even goes to work on day's he doesn't have to, because he knows it will help us in the long run.

4. I am thankful that he calls me funny nicknames like "Cokey Smurf"(from Californication (ps...I'm not a cokey smurf, he just thinks its funny)) and "Trinkles73"(my email address from...forever! lol)

5. I am thankful that he is a kickback kinda guy and can play Rockband for hours!! He's my ROCKSTAR!!

6. I am thankful that sometimes when I hug him just the smell of his breath takes me to a calm place and I know I'm safe!

7. I am thankful for him because I know that I haven't been the easiest person to get along with for the last 19 years, but he has hung in there with me and I love him for that!

8. I am thankful that he brought motocross into our family! We go almost every weekend as a family to the track or to practice. The kids love it!! I love it!! Rob and I used to go camping and ride dirt bikes all the time before our kids came and now its something that we do as a family and its a very special time!

9. I am thankful that my husband is no dummy when it comes to a lot of things! He can fix my car, the house, my heart!!! He's Mr. Fix It and I'm soooo grateful for that!

10. And last but surely not least...I am thankful for My husband...the man that kisses me goodbye every morning, even tho I'm sleeping and tells me he loves me. That 2 seconds starts my day off wonderful! He could just leave but he doesn't...and I love him for that! Thank you honey for making me feel so special! I love you!


Sunday, November 16, 2008


We had a great trip!! It had been over 7 years since my Grandmother In-law has had all of her children together under one roof...she was in shock I think! lol!! Here is a pic of Grandma Helen and her kiddies...from left to right...Uncle Buddy, Janice (Rob's Mom), Aunt Nancy, Uncle John, Uncle Gary and Grandma Helen...
Robert and Grandma enjoyed a beer together, lol! He had just smashed his can! I'm not sure whats up with the sun on his smile!! lol!! (I think its angel kisses! lol!)
Here is the silly family photo!! Ok...a more serious one!!!
From left to right...bottom row, Jessica, cousin Arianna, Jacob, Cousin Ainan and Cousin Danaka
2nd row, Grandma Helen, Mom-in-law Janice, Nephew Christopher, Cousin Amber, her hubby Gary, My hubby Robert and Me!
3rd row, Uncle Gary, Papa Jim, and kinda stacked are on top Uncle John then Adam, Uncle Buddy, his wife Julie and Aunt Nancy!!

Whew!! That's the Epperson/Becvar Clan (well...some of us! lol!! We are still missing alot!)
This is my FAVORITE Auntie and cousin from the Epperson side, Aunt Nancy and Danaka!

Like I said....we had tons of fun...the kids rode four wheelers and dirt bikes allllllll day in the back yard (that consists of at least 10 acres) Papa Jim got out the backhoe and made them jumps and all!! The adults hung out and drank "coolaid" and beer, ate TONS of yummy home cookin and chatted it up! Good times! I love these guys and I hope it doesn't take 7 years to get us all together again!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday in Oregon...

We are up and gettin around on this COLD Saturday morning!! I think it got down to the 20's last night! We are not used to that at all!! We got our things out of the car this morning and when I went to use my toothpaste it was frozen! lol!!
Aunt Nancy made it home last night after I had looked at her called id to get the number for her dentist and I called them to make sure she was ok, as I was hanging up she pulled into the drive way! She's ok, a little sore but ok. She stayed home and the rest of us went to Medford and had dinner at Red Robbin.

Today we are off to Grandma Epperson's house in Bonanza, where we will enjoy family and have an early thanksgiving. We all haven't been together for a holiday in at least 15 years! WOW!! So this is pretty special. Iwill post some pics up later.
Jake and Jess are enjoying time with cousin Danaka, even tho she is sick with a bad cold =( She's been a trooper tho!!
Well...just a quick blog to let everyone know whats up for our day!

We are off to Grandmas!!

Friday, November 14, 2008


So here we are, in Oregon!! We drove 5 hours and we have spent the last 2 sitting here waiting for our Aunt Nancy to get home...she wasn't even here! The poor thing is at the dentist...getting a tooth pulled!! Her appt was at 2!! I hope she's ok! I don't even know where or who to call to find out!! WAH!!
Meet Aunt Nancy!!

Well...I guess I'll go play rock band with the rest of the fam!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

10 Things I'm Thankful for This Week...

So Denise has requested we all do "Thankful Thursday"
Sounds like fun to me!!!

Here are the rules (and they are extremely simple!):

1. Post a new blog listing ten things (you can always do more!) that you are thankful for this week! That's it!
2. Come back later on in the day after I have posted and sign Mr. Linky to let me and others know you have participated.
3. Leave a comment for the person that signed above you (or if you are first, leave a comment for me).
4. If you are feeling adventurous, leave a comment for at least 3 people! That's it! Pretty simple! :)

Now come on...let me know what you are thankful for this week! :)

1. I am thankful for day's off!! Dr. is not in the office today and I had the choice to go in or not...and I choose NOT!!! So I am being lazy!!

couch potato Pictures, Images and Photos

2. I am thankful for my AMAZING family!! They Rock!!


3. I am thankful for the rest of my amazing family and my friends!

luv my family Pictures, Images and Photosmy friends Pictures, Images and Photos

4. I am thankful for my leg not hurting "yet" today!!Jumping up & down Pictures, Images and Photos

5. I am thankful to my Hubby for taking my truck to work and changing the oil for me, so that we will have a safe drive to Oregon this weekend!


6. I'm thankful for out of town family we get to visit this weekend! Uncle John came home from China, where he works as a "Super Hero" lol...he's a stunt man in a theme park there! And we are going to visit family in Oregon while he is home. We haven't spent a holiday with them since...well before Jake was born and he will be 14 next month!! WOW!!!

(this is Uncle John!)

7. I am thankful for going to Denise's house tonight and watching GA with the girls!

Greys Anatomy Pictures, Images and Photos

8. I am thankful that I spoke to my Gram last night and she is doing well. She's a silly one sometimes! She called me to make sure I was watching the Country Music Awards and she was soooo excited that George Strait won!! lol!!

9. I will be thankful for the "diet" pizza that we will have tonight at Denise's house...even though I will complain about it!! It's working!!

my job2 Pictures, Images and Photos

10. And...lastly I am just plain Thankful!! For my life, for my family, for my friends...for all that I have! I am a very lucky person and I know I don't say it often enough but to all of you who are in my life, who have been in my life or have just crossed my path...Thank you, for making me who I am today! And I think I'm pretty Cool! lol!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Weekly Writing Assignment I'm a pro! lol!! This is my second one and this one seems hard!! Mama Kat has done it again....

Here are the prompts...

1.) Write a haiku about what you see out the window. (if you don't know what a haiku is click here.)
2.) Begin with "I thought I saw..."
3.) If I could live in any era of history, what would it be -- list 10 reasons why.
4.) Write a light hearted piece on how to get along with an enemy.
5.) The first time you...

I choose....#3...

If I could live any era of history I think it may be the 50's! I'm not exactly sure why? I love the movie GREASE and I think I could watch it over and over and over again!!! "Look at me I'm Sandra Dee" lol!!





Ok..that's only five reasons...but I'm sure there are more! I loved the way that a boy could be cool...but still loved a girl, in that sweet 50's guy kinda way. I loved the old things that we take for granted now that they were so excited about back cars, TV, fast food places! lol!
I'm not sure what it is...but that's it! If I could live any era of history...I would like to have lived in the 50's!

Monday, November 10, 2008


My kids amaze me!!

Jake has been racing motocross since he was 4 1/2 yrs old and it still amazes me to see him on the track. He just got his Honda CRF 150 this year and he just won 2nd place overall in his 150 novice class for the AMP Fall Series!! WOW!! Then to top it off...he finished 4th overall in his 85 novice class!! I am so proud of my Motocross Star!!

This was Jessica's second season of soccer...she is an AWESOME goalie! She was soooo scared but decided to try out for the Select Soccer Team (which is like All Stars for Soccer), they could only choose 10-12 girls in the under 12 age group to represent American Canyon...and MY GIRL made it!!! WOO HOO!! Way To Go Jessica!!!

So I must this moment...I'm a VERY PROUD MOMMY!!

Way to Go Babies!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My writing assignment.... here it goes!!! I'm going to do my first writing assignment that was given to me by Deinse via Mama Kat (Hahaha! Idid it!!! sorry I never knew how to attach her web page and just show her name...she told me how once and I remembered! I'm soooo excited!!!)

So this week the prompts were:

1.) You awaken with amnesia in what looks to be an igloo. You have $4 and a rock in one pocket, and a toothbrush in the other. Someone is staring at you. Write this scene.

2.) Write a 16-line poem (rhyming or non-rhyming) about a moment from your childhood that changed your life for the better.

3.) You're sitting at work one day and receive a text message from an unrecognized number. The text says, "I have the money and hid the body." You think this is a practical joke from a friend, so you play along at first. But the more texts you receive, the more you realize that it isn't a joke. Write the text conversation you have with this unknown texter.

4.) 10 of my absolute worst pet peeves...

5.) Fictionalize an event that happened to one of your parents, friends, or siblings.

I am going to choose goes!!

"What the hell?? Where am I?? Wow, its really cold in here!! How did I get here?? Who is this freak staring at me?? Why is he staring at me? Is this an igloo?? Why cant I remember being here?? I'll call someone for help!" I reached into my pocket to get my cell phone only to find a rock wrapped up in four one dollar bills. "Why do I have a rock wrapped up with 4 bucks??" I reached into the other pocket and find a toothbrush..."WTF? Why is my toothbrush in my pocket?" Not knowing what is going on and not being able to remember a thing I ask the strange man who is staring at me, "Why am I here? Who am I? Who are you?" He looked deep into my eyes...burped and walked out the door! "I guess he had to go", I thought.
Well..until next time I play catch phrase with Denise...I better not wake up in the fire pit and think its an igloo cuz Erik will just burp and leave me in there!! LMFAO!!

Ok...I know that was kinda dumb...but it was fun! And you have to be there on a catch phrase night to understand!

My Blog...

Some friends have commented that I dont look like I'm that new to blogging...I must tell you that I have a personal web desiger! lol! Denise has actually been nice enough to help me out by designing my page and making it cute!! :) THANKS DENISE!!!! So see...I'm not that good!! lol

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Jessica went with my Sis in Law Sara to carve her pumpkins over the weekend...Sara took some cute pics of her and the boys, Owen and Gavin. Looks like they had fun!
Jessica, Gavin and Owen
Throwin up the peace sign...why is my girl doing it all ghetto? lol!
Silly ones!
Pretty girl!
Jessica the Pirate!
I went to the classroom and hung out with her all afternoon! We had fun with her friends...they didn't seem to thrilled that I handed out toothbrushes vs candy! Sorry I am and RDA (registered dental assistant)
How cute that one of her best friends was Jack Sparrow!
Before going bowling I had to stop in to see Tinkerbell!! She was so cute!!!!
Ok...and as we are as Romy and Michelle! LOL!!!
Gina and I had so much fun with this!!
And of course...a Fabulous Shoe Shot!! Gatta love the pants too!!
Well...that's it! Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!!!