Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My writing assignment....

Ok...so here it goes!!! I'm going to do my first writing assignment that was given to me by Deinse via Mama Kat (Hahaha! Idid it!!! sorry I never knew how to attach her web page and just show her name...she told me how once and I remembered! I'm soooo excited!!!)

So this week the prompts were:

1.) You awaken with amnesia in what looks to be an igloo. You have $4 and a rock in one pocket, and a toothbrush in the other. Someone is staring at you. Write this scene.

2.) Write a 16-line poem (rhyming or non-rhyming) about a moment from your childhood that changed your life for the better.

3.) You're sitting at work one day and receive a text message from an unrecognized number. The text says, "I have the money and hid the body." You think this is a practical joke from a friend, so you play along at first. But the more texts you receive, the more you realize that it isn't a joke. Write the text conversation you have with this unknown texter.

4.) 10 of my absolute worst pet peeves...

5.) Fictionalize an event that happened to one of your parents, friends, or siblings.

I am going to choose #1...here goes!!

"What the hell?? Where am I?? Wow, its really cold in here!! How did I get here?? Who is this freak staring at me?? Why is he staring at me? Is this an igloo?? Why cant I remember being here?? I'll call someone for help!" I reached into my pocket to get my cell phone only to find a rock wrapped up in four one dollar bills. "Why do I have a rock wrapped up with 4 bucks??" I reached into the other pocket and find a toothbrush..."WTF? Why is my toothbrush in my pocket?" Not knowing what is going on and not being able to remember a thing I ask the strange man who is staring at me, "Why am I here? Who am I? Who are you?" He looked deep into my eyes...burped and walked out the door! "I guess he had to go", I thought.
Well..until next time I play catch phrase with Denise...I better not wake up in the fire pit and think its an igloo cuz Erik will just burp and leave me in there!! LMFAO!!

Ok...I know that was kinda dumb...but it was fun! And you have to be there on a catch phrase night to understand!


Denise said...

Oh my. We definitely have had catchprhase nights where things just got a bit crazy! Like the "rickarickaroo" night! :) Fun fun times! It is my absolute favorite thing to do with friends...sit out by the fire pit, have some drinks, and play catchphrase and laugh so hard you almost pee yourself!

Serenity said...

I actually laughed about the burp and so brave to do the first prompt. I guess I laughed because I have burped as a response before and then walked away (it was out of embarrassment)...lol.

Mama Kat said...

You should youtube a catchphrase night so we can all watch the madness unfold.