Thursday, November 13, 2008

10 Things I'm Thankful for This Week...

So Denise has requested we all do "Thankful Thursday"
Sounds like fun to me!!!

Here are the rules (and they are extremely simple!):

1. Post a new blog listing ten things (you can always do more!) that you are thankful for this week! That's it!
2. Come back later on in the day after I have posted and sign Mr. Linky to let me and others know you have participated.
3. Leave a comment for the person that signed above you (or if you are first, leave a comment for me).
4. If you are feeling adventurous, leave a comment for at least 3 people! That's it! Pretty simple! :)

Now come on...let me know what you are thankful for this week! :)

1. I am thankful for day's off!! Dr. is not in the office today and I had the choice to go in or not...and I choose NOT!!! So I am being lazy!!

couch potato Pictures, Images and Photos

2. I am thankful for my AMAZING family!! They Rock!!


3. I am thankful for the rest of my amazing family and my friends!

luv my family Pictures, Images and Photosmy friends Pictures, Images and Photos

4. I am thankful for my leg not hurting "yet" today!!Jumping up & down Pictures, Images and Photos

5. I am thankful to my Hubby for taking my truck to work and changing the oil for me, so that we will have a safe drive to Oregon this weekend!


6. I'm thankful for out of town family we get to visit this weekend! Uncle John came home from China, where he works as a "Super Hero" lol...he's a stunt man in a theme park there! And we are going to visit family in Oregon while he is home. We haven't spent a holiday with them since...well before Jake was born and he will be 14 next month!! WOW!!!

(this is Uncle John!)

7. I am thankful for going to Denise's house tonight and watching GA with the girls!

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8. I am thankful that I spoke to my Gram last night and she is doing well. She's a silly one sometimes! She called me to make sure I was watching the Country Music Awards and she was soooo excited that George Strait won!! lol!!

9. I will be thankful for the "diet" pizza that we will have tonight at Denise's house...even though I will complain about it!! It's working!!

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10. And...lastly I am just plain Thankful!! For my life, for my family, for my friends...for all that I have! I am a very lucky person and I know I don't say it often enough but to all of you who are in my life, who have been in my life or have just crossed my path...Thank you, for making me who I am today! And I think I'm pretty Cool! lol!



Denise said...

I am thankful for almost all those things too! I can't wait for GA tonight! I can't wait for pizza! I can't wait for ice cream!


Serenity said...

I liked you list...and that GA night sounds so much fun!! I also love getting to know new people and read what they wrote! Ya for Denise bringing us all together :)

jenny said...

I'm thankful for fun memories with you back in the day on Mare Island! Your family is beautiful.

eternity driven said...

you ARE pretty cool! :) I loved this post. Have a wonderful weekend.

Kimmy said...

Those are wonderful things to be thankful for!! Oh, and yippy for our shows!
Have a wonderful weekend!!