Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday in Oregon...

We are up and gettin around on this COLD Saturday morning!! I think it got down to the 20's last night! We are not used to that at all!! We got our things out of the car this morning and when I went to use my toothpaste it was frozen! lol!!
Aunt Nancy made it home last night after I had looked at her called id to get the number for her dentist and I called them to make sure she was ok, as I was hanging up she pulled into the drive way! She's ok, a little sore but ok. She stayed home and the rest of us went to Medford and had dinner at Red Robbin.

Today we are off to Grandma Epperson's house in Bonanza, where we will enjoy family and have an early thanksgiving. We all haven't been together for a holiday in at least 15 years! WOW!! So this is pretty special. Iwill post some pics up later.
Jake and Jess are enjoying time with cousin Danaka, even tho she is sick with a bad cold =( She's been a trooper tho!!
Well...just a quick blog to let everyone know whats up for our day!

We are off to Grandmas!!


Kimmy said...

That is so funny!!! I have been to that Red Robin you speak of. :o) My BFF used to live in Selma, OR and so drove to Medford to catch a flight for a girls trip to Vegas and we ate at that Red Robin.
Have fun this weekend!

Denise said...

Glad you are there having fun! You have blown your points young lady. You are drunk right now! Know how I know? Cuz you told me! :)

I luff you - have GREAT time - and come home SAFE!