Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So...this weeks topic for Denise's Thankful Tuesday is...

THIS WEEK. Meaning from last Tuesday to today - what made you thankful?

1. This week I'm thankful that Jake's birthday is finally over!

2. That My hubby and I are gonna be married 13 years tomorrow! (even tho we've been together 19) lol Oh and yes our son just turned 14...do the math! lol!

3. I'm thankful this workday is over...I'm so tired that I may not finish this list! lol

4. I'm thankful that BOTH of my kiddies had check ups at the Dentist today and had NO CAVITIES!!! yay!!

5. I'm thankful that we got SOME Christmas presents wrapped!

6. I'm thankful that Denise posted that hillarious picture on her page of us wrapping gifts together last year!! HAHAHAHAHA!!

7. I'm thankful I will get to hang out with Denise and wrap gifts together for the 3rd or 4th? year in a row!! So fun! Great times! When we really wrap...last year we drank...a few bottles of champagne and wrapped maybe 4-6 gifts combined! lmfao!!

8. I'm thankful that my daughter just came up and gave me a hug!!

9. I'm thankful for you!

10. And finally...this week I'm thankful that I was healthy and well!!

Sorry if this list is sooooooooooooooo lame...but I'm so tired my imagination is gone!


Kimmy said...

Your list was NOT lame!! These are great things to be thankful for!!! I'm thankful for YOU too!!!! I know you're friends with Denise but it makes me feel like I've know you as long as I've known her. :O)

Kristen said...

Great list to be thankful for.
Happy Anniversary!

Denise said...

This list is NOT lame!!!! And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TODAY! I loved your list! It made me smile!

And I luff you!

Darcie said...

Great list! And happy anniversary!!!

Serenity said...

Aww I am belated but Happy Anniversary!!! I love that you two have silly photos, it makes me smile... great list this week!

Anonymous said...

it is so cute what u did and stuff love jess