Monday, June 1, 2009

Its been forever....but here's a new one!

Just gonna post a few pics...I really had a "Flashback Friday"


Kelly, Trina and Jenny

And today...

Got to spend some time with a few great friends that I haven't hung out with I was 15 or 16!! Kelly and Jenny are sisters...we met while living on Mare Island when we were kids...and now...our kids are playing together! Its a trip! Love you girls and it was soooooooo great catching up!!

OUR BIG GIRLS...Kourtney, Jessica and Brooklyn


Kourtney, Maggie (Kelly) Brooklyn and Zeke (Jenny) and Miss Jessica

Cannot wait until next time! Lucky for me Jenny just recently moved across the street from me so I get to enjoy her all the time now!! Yay!!!!


Denise said...

ABOUT FRIGGEN TIME you blogged! YAY for old friends!! :) As you know I just went wine tasting with old friends! It's awesome that you can be apart for so long and then it's like there was no time elapased when getting together! :)

eternity driven said...

It was awesome!!!!! I loved hanging out with you. It was like no time at all had passed. Well, except the whole kids thing. :)

Trina said...

Yes...youre right Denise! But now its time for us to hang out! I miss you my friend! Call me...Maybe one night this week??????

Anonymous said...

i love that pic i miss maggey and qorny that pic it's so cute!

love, jess

Anonymous said...

i miss them so much they were so fun but i have not sean them since chrsitmas i wish they were here

love jessica