Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday 10-22-08

Ok...I'm gonna try to do the family blog thing! Maybe I'll be better at it than the other times I've tried...
Whats going on today? Well...I went to work..yay! lol...Now I'm at home playing on the computer. Jess is over at my Bro and Sis in laws house hangin out, Jake just came busting thru the door with a friend after going on a bike ride...and the hubby? He is in the living room ROCKING out to Rock Band! lol!
Plans for the week?? Well work of course. Thursday night should be a typical GA night with the Girlies...yay! I look forward to the few hours a week we hang out and watch our show. Friday I will work for a little bit and then I will bowl! I look forward to friday night bowling! Its fun! A friend txt me today and asked if I would like to go have some drinks on fri night...I'm thinkin..I may! Its been awhile, I was sick and gone and now its about that time! lol! Wanna join?
Saturday...I MAY BE walking the Golden Gate Bridge with Denise! I'm ssssccccuuuurrrrdd!! But I really wanna do it! It all depends on how she's feelin and if I really have the balls to go thru with it! We will see! Sunday we are off to the track...Jake will race in Turlock! Woo Hoo! He's been doing so good...I missed him last weekend so I'm looking forward to this weekend.
Well thats about it. My blog ethic probably sucks...but hey...remember I'm new at this and at least I'm trying!! Right?!


Denise said...

YAY for trying! Your font is so small though! I will give you Blog 101 when you come over tomorrow!

Feeling better to do the GGB. I have done it once before and was scared shitless. Hopefully I am not again this time! Did you ever read that blog I wrote?

Well I am coughing up my lungs as I type so I am gonna go!

YAY for blogging! I am gonna put you on my blog roll! :)

Trina said...

Whats a Blog roll???