Friday, October 24, 2008


Ok...I'm gonna try this...I've been tagged!! Bear with my blogging logic sucks! lol!! Oh and I don't know how to link the person who sent it to me =( But It was Denise!!

  1. I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to blogging! (I think that's a given!) lol!

  2. I love old re-runs of 90210!! I have been known to actually sit around on a Saturday ALLLLL day to watch the marathon! lol!

  3. I have a deep fear of being alone. I'm scared to be alone a lot of the time...when my family is gone on an overnight trip to the track and I'm alone, I leave random lights on in the house so its not dark...and I even lock my bedroom door when I go to bed! I've even been known to barricade the door with a chair or something because I'm scared! (Those deeep childhood memories are coming back, that's another blog someday)

  4. I am the "Make it better girl" if I'm in a situation where people are unhappy or sad...I'm usually the one who tries to be silly or act stupid to make them laugh. Or if people aren't getting along, I try to make things better, which can bite me in the ass sometimes, but I have good intentions!

  5. I lost my Mom when I was 9 =( She died drinking and if I have had one too many I will WALK before I do that to my kids! (even though I've driven in the past, as I'm getting older I was I thinking and I've been way more responsible with this in my life!)

  6. I can cross my eyes and lift up one side of my lip at the same time! My daughter thinks its hilarious!! She tries to do it too and I think its sooooooooooooo funny!!

  7. And last but not least...hmm...I can be totally sober and be soooooooooooooo silly that people think I'm drunk! Its just my natural way! I've been told that I'm way too loud, I stand out in a crowd and I can be annoying! But hey! I like me this way! If you don't, too bad! Go away! lol!!

Well...That's it! Hopefully I did it right! I don't know how to tag people and I only have 2 people who read my blog and they have already done this (well I'm not sure if Val has, if not "I here by tag THE" lol!!)

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Denise said...

Awwwwwww! I love your list! You are the one to make everything better! And I love your sillyness - even when sober! :) I don't think I've ever seen you do the cross-eyed you know what you are doing next time I see you!

I luff you!