Thursday, April 15, 2010


I know lately I've been a I want to switch it up. I am soooooooo thankful for the things I do have in life!

So thankful for my BEAUTIFUL Family that I am SO proud of!

So thankful Jessica and I have decided to go on this journey together to do Kaju.
So thankful that I get to spend summers with my Dad and out "hillbilly" side of the family! I love them!!
So thankful for ALL of my Brothers and Sisters!! Even though we couldn't all be together at Grams Memorial we were in heart! And they make me smile! I love you guys!
Wow...I'm so thankful for these people. A sad time brought us all together again. But its been at least 10 years and many new nieces and nephews since we've all been together.
I am thankful that I got to spend this last Christmas Eve with my Gram, drinking margaritas and enjoying family. She was soooo excited that I got her diabetic socks! She never got to wear them, she passed away 17 days after this picture was taken. I have this picture and the socks hanging in my room and I look at them everyday!
I'm so thankful that I had you for 36 years of my life Gram. I love you so very much! I'm thankful that we recently went to visit my Hubby's Grandma in Oregon. I've learned we have to spend as much time with everyone we can in life...because you never know what day will be the last. I am so thankful for my kids..they make me laugh so much and keep me going. No matter what happens I know that they love me and always will!

I'm so thankful for this silly little puppy. I never thought we would have a dog...but Monster is just what the doctor ordered! I can be sad and crying and he will come curl up next to me and just lick my cheek. He is a blessing. I know that sounds silly but I love this little Monster!

Thankful cannot describe what I feel for this man. For the last 20 1/2 years of my life he has been by my side. It hasn't always been easy...but its always been worth it. I love you Robert and I am so thankful for and appreciate everything you do for me and our family.
Lately I've spent a lot of time with these two precious Angels! I love them so much! I'm so thankful for my "little" blessings, Emily and Allison. I can be having a terrible day and just hearing the laughter of a 2 year old and the cooing of 4 month old can melt it all away!
I'm so thankful that we have GREAT friends that have moved into our neighborhood and we can all just be "kids" together!
I am soooooooo thankful that I have a great support system in my friends. You mean so much to me!! They support me to be silly. To be myself. To have fun in life! I love my friends!
I am thankful for so much...and have not even began to put them all down into words or pictures so if your face isn't on this page it doesn't mean I am not thankful for you...
This has been the worst year I think I've had...ever! But I need to remember the things that make me thankful and make me smile!


Kimmy said...

What a great post!! I miss Denise's weekly Thankful Tuesdays cause it's really important to remember what we have, not what we don't have. I get caught up in it also and I was just thinking yesterday cause I was grumpy and as I was driving to work, I thought to myself and remembered how thanksful I am just to be here another day with my family and friends. What more can we ask for, right?! *hugs*

Trina said...

Thats right!