Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Nothing much to say today =( I told myself that I would blog more often sooo...I'll just type whats on my mind.

~Why does my son not go to school until 10am today due to Star testing?
~How often should I wash our bedsheets? I do it once a month, is that enough?
~Why did my daughter put ALL of her jeans in the washer last night and now they are soaking wet and she has to wear shorts to school today...and its supposed to rain!
~I'm excited to get away to the mall with Denise and Allison today. I miss my VS lotion bad and need more!!
~I need to exercise more...
~I need to sleep less.
~I wish I could go to my brothers graduation.
~Has Jess brushed her teeth yet? We need to leave in a few minutes.
~I'm cold.

Ok...well I guess now you know whats on my mind at this!

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