Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Last night I had a crazy dream...
My Gram came home!! She was ALIVE! She wanted to know "What the hell did you do with all of my stuff?" "Who the hell is in my house?" "Why the hell would we do this to her?"
We (my brothers Sam and Ed and our Uncle Darrell) were at her trailer for one last sweep thru before we let the new owners have it and there she was..she walked right thru the door! As healthy as can be!! No oxygen, no grey hair, no slowness in her walk! And she looked at me like I betrayed her! She went to her room and said "Trina Renee, where are my things?" I told her that her bedroom set was in Jessica's room and that we had donated most of her clothes. She looked at me all confused and hurt and said "Now why the hell would you donate my old used drawers?" (meaning under ware, that's what she called them, lol) I told her she died. I thought to myself "Am I the only one that can see her? Is she here haunting me?" So, I pinched her! She said "Ouch! You little shit! That hurt!" OMG!!!!!!! She's alive!!!!!!!!!!!!! But How?? I saw her on the floor, not breathing. I touched her cold body. I brushed her hair off of her forehead. I heard the body bag open when the coroner came. I signed the papers to have her cremated!!! What did I do??? How could I have made such a huge mistake????? How is this happening? And who is in that box of ashes???? Someone has some explaining to do!!
And then....I woke up =(

This is the first dream I've had of her since she's passed away...at least that I can remember. Is she trying to tell me something?? What?? After my Mom passed away when I was 9, I would dream that she was standing there, telling me that someone had her and that I was the only one that could find her! Why do I have these dreams that they are not gone??? Why??? I'm scared to go to sleep.


jenny said...

oh no! Trina that's so sad! she and your mom are together and they love you so much. I'm sorry this is such a hard time. I love you and I'm here. you are not alone! xo

Trina said...

Thanks Jenny! I love you too!!

Trina said...
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