Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Its been a long time since I've blogged thanks to that fall I had last week and I'm still not 100% but here we go...Thankful Tuesday at 12:15 am!

This weeks topic from Ms. Denise at Laughing with Spoons is....
YOU. But...I am not looking for "I am thankful I have a nice husband" but more of what qualities do you posses that you are thankful for!


1. I am thankful that I can be alone with myself and be completely happy...lol!
2. I am thankful that I can be funny at times.
3. I am thankful that I try to be the best Wife and Mom I can be for my family.
4. I am thankful that I try to be the best Friend I can be to those who let me!
5. I am thankful that I am healthy for the most part, yes right now I have a sore arm, wrist and throat...but it could be worse! I've already had cancer and DO NOT want that back!
6. I am thankful that I'm social...I like people...lol!
7. I am thankful that I have cute feet...lol! Even tho the hubby calls my feet Fred Flintstone feet..I think they are the cutest thing I have! lol!!
8. I'm thankful that I make it a point to be VERY close to my kids and know whats going on in their lives and make it easy for them to talk to me WHENEVER they need to about WHATEVER they want!
9. I am thankful that I'm honest...sometimes its to a fault, I've been told I'm too honest...but hey, better that than not I think!
10. I am just plain thankful for me...if not for me I wouldn't be married to the greatest guy, have two of the best kids in the world, be part of an awesome family network and have the greatest friends ever!!!

Now come on...go to Denise's page and sign Mr. Linky (I think that's his name) and let us know what you think about yourself and what makes you thankful!!


Kimmy said...

What a fabulous list!! I have to give you a great big kuddo to your # 1! That would be hard for me. :o(

Serenity said...

This was a great list! So much to be thankful for :)