Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bowling, Dangerous?!

So, I bowl on Friday nights and its fun! We hang out and have a great time. Last night was no different, except for the fact that bowling landed me in the emergency room! I went up to take my turn and while walking up there my shoe caught a nail on the edge of the lane and I went down like a Redwood in the woods! With a 13 pound bowling ball in my hand!! So here I am...whole body killing me! Wearing a sling, wrist splint and knee brace...with bruises EVERYWHERE!
All because I went bowling!


Kimmy said...

OMG!! You poor thing!!! And to think bowling was a safe and fun sport. psst!

Hope you feel better soon!!!!

Bre said...

oh no!! i hope your healing back up!! I guess Alcohol mixed with any sport could be dangerous. . . i'll have to remember that when i go next.

Fell better!!!!!!! <3

Trina said...

I wish it was the alcohol! boo!! Stupid nail!!