Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Really its been since August??

I really need to blog more! Yikes!!

Well I officially hate 2010! This year has given me nothing but struggle.

Lets see...January 10th, I lost my Gram..the woman who raised me after my Mom passed away when I was only 9...but more than that she was the woman who was there from day one! My Mom was only 15 yrs old when I was born so...My Gram was there...ALWAYS. And now she's not...and it hurts, it hurts bad!

I recently got laid off from my job, a job I LOVED! I was there for almost 3 years and this damn economy sucks soooooooo bad that cutbacks had to be made...and unfortunately, I was one of them.

Last week I found out that the house we are renting is going into foreclosure, so we will have to move. Who knows when? I'm not moving until I get kicked out! Free Rent? Hell Ya!

On Saturday March 20th we lost a 14 year old from our Moto family. Jesse Masterpool passed away due to injuries caused by a crash while he was racing. I didn't know him personally but my 15 year old son did...he raced with Jesse. Jesse is the second kid that was close to my son that we have lost due to racing. My friends son Ben was 15 years old when he crashed and passed away due to injuries. Do I put my son in a bubble? Do I not let him race? No. He could be the boy that plays baseball and gets hit in the head by a line drive or the kid crossing the street that gets hit by a car. What I do is make sure he realizes that riding can be dangerous and that he's out there to have fun. We make sure he has all of the best protective equipment and we pray...every time he's on the track. Riding is his great love and he is one of mine.

So needless to say, its only March and I'm having a rough year. I hope to God it gets better.


Kimmy said...

Oh Trina!! I am so sorry you are going through so much. I will keep you in my prayers.

eternity driven said...

Whew!! What a whirlwind of awful events! I'm so sorry to read all of this, my friend!
love you!!

Trina said...

Thanks girls...its got to get better right? lol! Love you!!