Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This weeks topic from Denise over at Laughing with Spoons is...


here goes...

1. I am thankful that it rained...and I got to spend some time with my family away from the track (I know that sounds stingy but...we spend most weekends at the track and since it rained so much the race got cancelled...so ya, I'm stingy! lol) (Even though they did go riding on Sunday!)

2. I'm thankful that two of my friends, Gina and Denise, who were VERY ill are much better now!

3. I am thankful that I was told I have NO NEW TUMORS in my neck!! I've been having trouble swallowing and talking..I was told that I have a very inflamed throat, vocal cords and esophagus, and that I shouldn't talk for a week or so (YEAH RIGHT) but there are no new tumors as they suspected! (I had thyroid cancer when I was 19 and tumors scare me!!)

4. On that note, I am thankful that I have medical coverage...as I have spent TONS of time at the hospital this past month...and its not over...I have three more appointments this Friday =(

5. I am thankful for the new niece and nephew we received on Wednesday Feb. 5th. They are Beautiful! Congrats to my BIL, Joe and SIL, Mandy for their beautiful babies Alek and Sasha!

6. I'm thankful that I got to go out this weekend and be a big kid! lol! I went out for a few drinks on Saturday night with some great friends and had a wonderful time!

7. I'm thankful that neither of my children got in trouble this week! Its been rough around here lately...I'm not gonna like the teenage years! My Dad, Gram and Aunt Deb told me I would get paid back by my kids...I think they were right! lol!

8. I'm thankful that we have a roof over our heads! Its been cold and wet!!

9. I'm thankful that I came home today at waiting for me was a card from my Dad...saying he's always with me in his heart! I love him!

10. Lastly, I am thankful for my family, my friends and all of you that have made a difference in my life...just by being you!


{Katie Lane} said...

Thanks for stoping by my blog!! This is a great list. You put mine to shame lol.

Kimmy said...

Awww...what great things!!! What a scary thing to endure at 19 (#3). I'm so happy you are with us and I've had a chance to meet you, in a virtual sense that is :O)

Big HUGS back at you!!!!!! I'm glad to see you back on :o)

Denise said...

LOVE your list!!! YAY for the new munchkins!!!

Luff you too! SO HAPPY you blogged - FINALLY!

eternity driven said...

I'm sooo thankful that you got a good report from the doctor. Your list made me smile. You have a very grateful heart, Trina! I'm so thankful for YOU!!! =)

Kimmy said...

I left you something on my blog. Come check it out when you have a chance :o)